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The best prices for Big Game Fishing Charters in Azores

Activities 1/2day (4h) 1 day (9h)
First Experience ---------------- 35€/person
First Experience Plus ---------------- 50€/person
Sea Trip ---------------- 80€/hour
Bird Watching ---------------- 80€/hour
Big Game Fishing ---------------- 450€ 800€
Big Game Live Bait ---------------- 350€ 600€
Costal Trolling ---------------- 250€ 450€
Jigging ---------------- 250€ 450€
Bass Fishing ---------------- 250€ 450€
Boat rental ---------------- 550€ 1000€
Shark fishing ---------------- 450€ 800€
Extra Hour ---------------- 55€/hour
From the 3rd Hour onward ---------------- 100€/hour
*The prices are for 4 people maximum except First Experience

Prices very according to number of days and distance.

Availability of several day programs.

Lopes e Paiva - Azores Fishing, Lda

Licença Maritimo - Turística n.º 11/2015

Boat Rental

  • The Boat is also available for private charts.
  • For all private charts there will be previous mandatory deposit.
  • This deposit will be refunded should a cancellation take place up to 48hrs prior to departure.
  • Maximum capacity of 5 people plus Boat Skipper.

WC, Bed room and kitchen

  • For your own safety, trips may be cancelled or postponed due to weather conditions.
  • Toilets avaiable on board.
  • Lunch and drinks included to prices for all day charts.